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What Your Complexion Could Reveal About Your Health
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What Your Complexion Could Reveal About Your Health


A healthy complexion is much more than just a pretty face. Someone’s skin can be an indication of what is going on inside the body and how various systems – the lymphatic, neurological, digestive, and respiratory – are all working. When someone has an unhealthy complexion, it could reveal clues to a wide range of health issues.

This concept of using imperfections such as pimples, rashes, discoloration, uneven texture, and deep lines to determine imbalances within the human body is a concept known as face mapping. While beauty products and skincare regimes can help maintain a healthy glow, they may not get to the root of the problem. There may be an internal health issue that requires medical attention.

How the face provides clues

Community First Emergency Room | What Your Complexion Could Reveal About Your Health

Face mapping is similar to reflexology, the theory that areas of the foot correspond to different organs and systems of the body. Below is a breakdown of the various parts of the face and how certain imperfections can give insight into someone’s overall health and well-being.  

Breakouts in and around the foreheadCould be indicative of an issue with the gall bladder or liver. Skin imperfections on this part of the face could suggest that someone’s liver is overloaded with toxins.
Breakouts around the eyebrowsCould suggest someone is consuming too much greasy food and/or alcohol. It could also mean there is an issue with the liver or spleen.
Imperfections around the eyesCould provide clues to the health of someone’s joints, gastrointestinal systems, or thyroid. If someone has a discolored ring around the iris, it could mean they have high levels of cholesterol in their blood. While a normal sign of aging, Crow’s feet or small lines around their eyes could be a clue that something is out of alignment with someone’s liver or kidneys.
Bulging temporal vein Could be a sign of high blood pressure.
Patchiness or discoloration on the cheeksCould suggest someone has a slow metabolism or problems with the lungs. A painful spot in the center of the cheek might mean someone has a sinus infection.
Discolored lipsCould mean someone has an intestinal parasite if they have brown on their lower lips; if they have a pale lower lip, it could mean they are anemic and need to increase their iron intake.
Dried or chapped lipsCould suggest someone is dehydrated or is having an allergic reaction to a drug.
White-coated tongueCould suggest a high level of toxins in the body.
Acne on the neckCould mean someone is fighting some type of bacterial infection.
Yellowish skin and eyesCould be an indication you have jaundice – a condition where there is too much waste in the bloodstream.
MolesCould be the presence of skin cancer, especially if they are jagged, asymmetrical, and uneven in color.

Take note and talk to your physician                                                                                                                                                                                 

The human body is a group of interwoven systems that are all connected. If you notice discoloration, regular breakouts, and other imperfections on your face, they should not be ignored as they could suggest a more serious health problem.

If you are concerned, it’s best to consult with your doctor who can provide you with the proper diagnosis. That annoying pimple or discoloration could be just that and require a quick trip to the dermatologist or a change in skin cleansers and nothing more.

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