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4 Steps For Better Men’s Health
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4 Steps For Better Men’s Health

Every June, of every year, is Men’s Health Month and is celebrated across the United States. If you are young or old, Men’s Health Month is the time to encourage and educate everyone in promoting preventable health issues and their solutions.

Community First Emergency Room believes in early detection, lifestyle changes, and treatment that can change the lives of all men everywhere.

Get Screened

If you are 50 or older, the recommendation is that you should start being tested for cancer of the prostate because at this age you are at a higher risk. It is vital that you talk about the risks and benefits of screening for prostate cancer with your primary care doctor to decide if a prostate screening is what you need.

There are two kinds of screening tests for prostate cancer. The first one is the digital rectal exam often referred to as the DRE. While doing the DRE, your doctor will place a gloved, finger that has been lubricated into your rectum. He will be feeling for abnormal size, shape, or texture of your prostate gland.

The second option is the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test. PSA testing will require a blood sample taken from your vein and then tested for PSA. PSA is a substance your prostate gland produces naturally. A small amount is considered normal, but higher levels might indicate inflammation, infection, or maybe cancer.

Get Active

Keep your body and heart strong by exercising; it is one of the most effective ways to accomplish your goal. Thirty minutes each day of moderate physical exercise or activity will make a massive change in your life. Some studies have found men who have stayed physically active in midlife will likely remain active as they age.

Don’t quit keeping yourself healthy. Get your neighbors or coworkers pulled together for a ‘consistent’ time when everybody can join in the activities while they are health conscious. Some of the activities could include tennis, flag football, walking, basketball, and hiking.

Get Healthy

If you haven’t already, you need to watch your diet. Avoid processed foods and start focusing your diet on vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. You need to eat some cholesterol, fats, sodium, and sugar in moderation. It will be natural by saving you from an excess of different health issues, inclusive of heart disease.

If you find yourself starting to gain some weight as you age, remember moderation and balance are the keys. Start to monitor your portions, and with your physical activity, you will need to increase it.

Your mental health should be compared to your well-being. If you work too many hours, it carries with it a higher risk of depression and anxiety. You must stay aware of the signs regarding your mental state, especially so if there is a family history of mental illness.

Get Involved

While it is Men’s Health Month, have a day for “Wear Blue Day” to help spread awareness. The event can spread understanding and be used for raising money for the fight against prostate cancer. Pick a day that works for your group that is participating.

Then set a goal for how much money you plan on raising. It gives your team an objective for which to strive. Spread the word, “Wear Blue” on the right day and get out there and ask for donations.

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